VCE geography camp

The annual Year 12 Geography Camp to Tarra Bulga National Park, a mainstay for a generation of Geographers at McKinnon, was held at the beginning of May, in order for our intrepid group of students to sample the beautiful scenery provided by the cool temperate rainforest of the region. This experience has proved invaluable for students back in the classroom, in preparation for a series of SACs.

We wandered through the Park, surrounded by centuries-old Myrtle Beech and towering Mountain Ash, up ridges and down gullies, harassed by the occasional stray tree branch and endlessly pursued by the sworn enemy of the VCE Geography student, the mighty leech. We were able to observe the unique characteristics of the park and see the management that had been put in place to ensure the conservational and recreational usage of the park could be sustained for future use, as well as putting a creative and delicious spin on BBQ lunches. At night, our palatial cabin accommodation allowed students the chance to huddle around the campfire, set up impromptu movie theatres and test Monopoly skills.

Unfortunately, the 2015 trip looks like being the final visit due to a new course being introduced for 2016, but we are sure all students past and present have enjoyed their time at the Park.

Thanks to Bourkie, Howie and Stacey for their efforts in staffing the camp!.

Daniel Blackmore.

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