Year 8 Survivor Aquathon

The year 8 PE Survivor Aquathon unit has just been completed by our amazing year 8 athletes!
The students had been training in the weeks leading up to the event by participating in swimming and special “spin” fitness classes at GESAC. At the conclusion of the 6 week unit they participated in the aquathon race. This race includes a 1.2km Run followed by a 200m swim of the outdoor pool. Their times are converted into points which all contributed to their Year 8 Survivor Program.

The Top results from the aquathon were:

Jacob Grey - 0:08:02 (School Record)
Angel Lignos - 0:08:36 (School Record)
Ben Solly - 0:08:20
Sienna Beaves - 0:08:45
Josh Clayton - 0:08:30
Anna Willington - 0:09:09

Congratulations to all that participated making the event a massive success, especially all students in 8G that had 100% participation! We hope that all the students continue to be active outside of school, and possibly have a go at a triathlon this summer.

Check out our photo gallery: