German Day Out

Year 9 and 10 is a critical time for language learners in Australia. At McKinnon we acknowledge that by taking our German students on the annual German Day Out.

The day begins with a presentation at the Melbourne Town Hall, with many other schools across Victoria in attendance. It concludes with a German film at the charming Forum Theatre.

The Melbourne Town Hall provided the opportunity for students to be as informed as possible about their choices regarding their language learning futures. What became evident was that language learning in Australia is no longer just valuable but it is becoming a necessity.

Students heard from fellow students who had received study abroad scholarships and grants for further study, all of which are available to our students to apply for. They heard from former students who have made outstanding starts to their careers because of their language learning. The message of one particular speaker resonated with our group in particular, “keep at it, as you never know where your life will take you”.

Following the presentation our group ventured through the city for a special screening of “Im Spinnwebhaus” (In the Spider Web House). Being somewhat arthouse in style, many of the students wrestled with the the different themes that were portrayed in the film and when the subtitle track stopped working half way through the film, a murmur grew throughout the audience. However, our students persisted with just the German audio and showed terrific curiosity and resilience. Many students were surprised by how much they had understood and it made for great train conversation on the journey home.

We are confident that this event has informed our students of the critical choices that they will be making in the years to come.

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