Medieval Day

Following on from the earlier success in Semester 1, the Year 8 Medieval Day was incorporated into the Survivor Challenge for Semester 2.  Wednesday October 7 was the day that saw hundreds of Year 8 students dress up as well as their History teachers and it was a great day. There were Kings and Queens, peasants, Vikings, Mongols and many more and it was a delight to see students embracing a good dress up day!

Like semester 1, more was at stake with the points awarded for each activity on the day going towards the coveted and year-long Survivor Challenge.

At a year level assembly the day prior to Medieval Day, Class captains had the task of randomly choosing which particular Medieval theme which would guide their activities for the day.  These included the Black Death, the Crusades, Religion, and Knights and Castles.  Once these themes were announced each class was then required to complete five separate challenges.  These were: a live performance, coat of arms, Medieval trivia, table decorations, and a news report video.  Despite a very limited timeframe, the groups performed incredibly well and produced some amazing work.

The highlight for most students, however, was the Medieval Feast.  But before the eating could begin the challenges needed to be presented.  These were certainly entertaining, as were the judges’ scores and humour. The judges, namely Mr Noble and Mr Hudd dressed as Medieval Monks and they thoroughly entertained the crowd with their sage observations on the performances.  Despite some very close competition, 8H emerged victorious, followed closely by 8F and 8N.

Medieval Day is a great way for both students and teachers to have a lot of fun and promote the enjoyment of learning about History. The teachers thoroughly loved it and their enthusiasm rubbed off on the students.  More importantly though, this event is designed to help students develop and refine key skills that will serve them well in all walks of life.  While undertaking these activities, students were challenged to work effectively in teams by communicating clearly.  Moreover, they needed to demonstrate creativity and to use ICT efficiently to demonstrate their knowledge of a topic.  

Thanks to all the students and teachers involved for a great day, particularly Mr Cukierman for organising the day. He looked great as Henry VIII !

Mr. Richard Long
Curriculum Coordinator

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