McKinnon's Senior Girls Cricket

On Thursday the 11th of February, the McKinnon's Senior Girls Cricket team played Parkdale in a 10/10 game. 

Batting first, Melina cracked the whip with a quick 23 runs, helped outstandingly by Cassie in a 31 runs (retired) effort. Sarah, Grace and Caitlin all contributed very well to a score of 101 runs.

Once Parkdale came in to bat, they faced some striking bowling from Melina and Cassie, some exellent keeping from Cassie and Mikaela, and some consistent bowling particularly from Maille and Kirra. 

Parkdale were all out for 27 runs. An outstanding effort from all of the girls. I am looking forward to the next round in March. 

Well done girls, fabulous effort today!

Coach Jobson

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