Year 10 French Excursion

In attempt to broaden our French cultural experiences, the two Year 10 French classes took a guided tour through the National Gallery of Victoria. The guides led us to several paintings and sculptors by French artists, or artists who had spent most of their lives in France. 

We travelled through classic realist works, to colourful Impressionism, to modern surrealism and some evocative sculptures by Rodin.

For each artwork, the guide discussed the work and the artist but also the commentary it was offering about the French culture and society at the time. This included the influence of Napoleon as Emperor on classic art, the industrial changes that prompted Impressionism and the political commentary in Picasso's "Weeping Woman".

The students will then follow this discussions into a project with a research and a creative component. For lunch, we visited "Waffle On" on Degraves Lane, a Belgian baguette and waffle shop, owned and run by a McKinnon parent, Mr Marc Laucher. The students ordered their baguettes in French: le Parisien avec jambon, Le Lyonnais avec salami, le Fermier avec poulet etc. Some students treated themselves to a waffle and an Orangina as well.

It was a very enjoyable day soaking up French history and culture in sunny Melbourne.

Ms Dickson and Ms Antal

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