Language Perfect Champions

McKinnon Secondary College are World Champions, winning the biggest language learning competition in the world.

Starting on Monday the 16th of May and finishing on the 26th of May, Mckinnon students were able to participate in the Language Perfect World Championships.

Our school has competed over the last 3 years along with over 1,200 other schools. In 2014 we finished 30th in the world. Last year we were ranked 4th in the world. This year we managed to exceed our expectations finishing in 1st place.

With over 1,200 students participating we earned ourselves a score of 1,023,625, having answered almost 3,000,000 questions. This equated to almost 20,000 hours of language learning over the 10 days of the competition.

Our students learned 20 different languages finishing 2nd overall for French, 2nd overall for German and also 2nd overall for Russian.

The commitment and curiosity that our students showed was incredible. We had 14 students earn themselves an elite award placing them in the top 3% of participants. However, a special mention must go to our top 2 students who, with over 34,000 points each placed within the top 15 students in the world. Ula Xu, in Year 8, finished 15th out of over 300,000 students. But our champion from last year did it again. Phoebe Dunn finished 12th in the world and demonstrated her love and commitment to language learning.

We also had almost 60 teachers participating across the 10 days, which made for a terrific atmosphere at school throughout the competition.

While we are really proud of this achievement, Mckinnon believes in providing every student with an opportunity to learn languages and we hope that even more students participate next year.

Mr Kamener

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