Year 7 History Museum Day

On Friday May 20 the MYST centre was completely transformed by enthusiastic Year 7 History students into the bi-annual Year 7 History Museum Day. Year Seven History students were allocated an ancient civilisation and told to prepare a museum exhibit which was creative and engaging. It certainly was with one teacher apparently telling all her friends about what she saw all weekend !

Classes involved on the day were  7B, 7D, 7F, 7H, 7J, 7l and 7N . Each class was allocated an ancient  civilisation from either Rome, China, Mayans/Aztecs, Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and Greece. Within each class students worked in small groups showcasing a particular aspect of that civilisation and had to make an artefact, poster and a podcast to show to visitors on the day. It was a huge success and an enjoyable morning with many interesting displays. Students had to work in small groups, create questions to be answered and provide feedback to the creators of each exhibit. Teachers who visited were amazed at the quality but they should not be surprised by the quality of work and creativity displayed by the Year 7s!

Students also visited other civilisations so they not only learned about their own civilisation and particular feature they focused on but had the opportunity to visit six other civilisations on the day. It was really an amazing day and one that the students will long remember. I thank all the Year 7s who were involved on the day for their efforts and to the teachers who supported them, particularly Mr Matt Shaw and Mr Dean Marsh. I would also like to thank Mr Andrew Krause for his excellent photography on the day, some of which can be seen here. It was a great display of what happens when you give young people some creative licence and it was a superb effort by all the Year 7s involved. Im already looking forward to the Semester 2 version !

Dean Marsh, Matthew Shaw and Jonathan Jhoomun ( Year 7 History team)

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