Victorian Rogaining Schools Competition

On Sunday 19th of June 37 students embarked on our annual Victorian Rogaining Schools Competition. This year we had 13 teams which could have been viewed as unlucky turned out to be quite the opposite with our students coming home with two of the three shields, they being the Aggregate boys and the Aggregate mixed whilst our girls came in second in the Aggregate girls behind PLC.
The location was Creswick which had a mix of pine plantation, open eucalyptus forest and cleared pine plantation. This area was bisected by some very deep gullies that made navigation interesting. Controls ranged from locations on broad spurs through to creek intersections and knolls with a 90 pointer being on the edge of a dry lake bed.
The students travelled on average around 18 kms with some teams covering distances closer to 24kms.
A big thank you to the teachers who supported the teams both during training at school and also at the event.
Grace Greenwood, Stuart Baker, Lauren Mellios, Dean Marsh, Delmar Zachest.
We look forward to 2017 and more great adventures in the Goldfields region of Victoria.
Marg Bourke

The results are as follows:
Boys events
1st: Year 10 & under: Alex Hunter, Hamish Felder, Lachlan Arneil
2nd: Year 10  & under: Matthew Stephens, Lachlan Zachest, Jesse Marlow, Jack Mills
3rd: Year 10  & under: Darcy Zachest, Toby Marlow
1st: Year 11+: Patrick Brett, Andy Zahn

Girls events
2nd: Year 10  & under: Evie Krieger, Naomi Warren
3rd: Year 10  & under: Schuyler King, Hannah St John, Sienna Beaves, Arwen Verdnik, Sophie Van Doorn,
3rd: Year 11+: Anna Furdetska, Siobahn Halford

Mixed events
1st: Year 10 & under: Amit Ben-Harim, Anita Voloshin, James Hardy
1st: Year 11 +: Avinash Thandaoori, Bridget Schwerdt, Hayden Aizicowitz
2nd: Year 11 +: Angus Vasic, Cara Morgan

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