Year 7 Museum Day

In April, the historians of Year 7 were excited to begin the new “Museum Task” our history teachers assigned to us. My class topic was Classical Greece and we had groups of three in each group researching an aspect of the time. The classes involved in the museum task were 7B, 7D, 7F, 7H, 7J, 7L and 7N.

The class topics that were studied were Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Egypt and Ancient Japan. In my group, we researched architecture and buildings. I found it interesting learning about some of the different buildings that consisted in Classical Greece like the Parthenon. Every single group had to make an artefact, a podcast or video and a poster displaying what we have learnt throughout the task.

On the day for presenting our projects, I was at first apprehensive and nervous on what people would think about my group’s work but it then became extremely fun educating students and teachers about my group topic. I also found it amusing to go around to other groups’ displays and learn about what they researched and learnt. The museum task was a huge success for everyone and I will certainly be looking forward to future projects.

Dinesh Jayasena
Year 7 Student

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