Year 11 Formal

On Thursday 21 March, McKinnon Secondary College celebrated its inaugural Year 11 formal. This incredible night was held at Merrimu Receptions and was a highlight of the year so far for all who attended.

Months of planning by both students and the student managers, culminated in a fun and glamorous evening. Students’ outfits were stunning and countless photos were taken, even before the night officially began. The atmosphere outside the venue was buzzing, with students admiring one another's transformations and full of excitement for the event that was to come.

When the night officially began, we were all blown away by the venue and were eager to find our tables and friends amongst the crowd. The evening was spent eating delicious food, dancing and celebrating the night’s success as a cohort. There were many awards given out on the night and many fantastic teachers who dominated the dance floor.

Congratulations to all that were involved in this memorable night. A special thanks goes out to the Year 12 student leaders and teachers who attended but especially the student managers - Ms Jobson, Mrs Gambino and Mr Cukierman and the principal team - Mrs Binnion, Mr Kan, Mr Noble and Mr Long, for your hard work and dedication in organising this incredible event.

Genevieve O’Brien, Jessica Salisbury, Nicola Karavendzas, Ethan Ferry and Skyla Isaacs
Year 11 School Council representatives

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