Cross Country Carnival

On Friday 3 May, McKinnon held its Annual Cross Country Carnival. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining on the course.  The theme this year was 80’s Fit, with many staff and students dressing up. This year we raised $1802 for State’s School Relief.

The top 15 from each race will go on to compete in the Kingston Division Cross Country Carnival on Wednesday 22 May at Karkarook Park. Good Luck to these students.

                                          Top 3 Finishers


1.    Liam Neal
2.    Terry Tsakiridis
3.    Josh Newfield

1.    Annabelle Sakuari
2.    Gisele Hennequin
3.    Hannah Foran

1.    Josh Feder
2.    Thivi Salwathura
3.    Kevin Zhou

1.   Caitlin Lyon
2.   Belinda Harrop
3.   Chantelle Ho

1.    Matthew Day
2.   Saksham Singh
3.   Lior Hadari

1.   Aniqua Hollingworth
2.   Holly Spencer
3.   Isabelle Sheldrake-Brown

1.    Matthew O’Brien
2.    Adam Paliatsos
3.    Will McCartney

1.    Jessie Ginsberg
2.    Marisha Dinesh
3.    Victoria Poulos

1.    Jason Clayton
2.    Fraser Sharman-Smith
3.    William Zontanos

1.    Genevieve O’Brien
2.    Emma Hattingh
3.    Gemma Strangio

The final house scores for the day were Flynn on 1190, Chisholm on 1276, Gilmore on 1329 and Monash winning the day on 1395!  Congratulations to Monash.

Alice Carter

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