Year 9 French Film Festival Excursion

Year 2019 is a rather auspicious occasion for The Alliance Française all around Australia, due to the 30th Anniversary of the French Film Festival. AFFFF is a significant cultural affair always impatiently awaited by the Francophiles in all Australian major cities, Melbourne included. 

As with every one, this year was no different and our McKinnon French students were also actively involved in this remarkable event. We organised several outings to see relevant films so our students could not only enjoy this unique opportunity, but also be enriched, linguistically as well as culturally.

Thus, on a beautiful and sunny day on Thursday 7 March, we set off with a large group of three Year 9 French classes. The students and Year 9 teachers took a short journey to the Como Cinema in South Yarra for a more immersive and varied experience with the French language.

The film 'Dilili in Paris' was an animated film that took us to 'Belle Epoque' a prosperous period after First World War. The film’s heroine who was a 6 year old girl from New Caledonia, not only resolved several mysteries of kidnapping but also introduced our students to famous French figures of the 'Belle Epoque' glory days, such as Renoir, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur and Gustave Eiffel amongst others. The film was also a visual marvel, as it took us on an enchanting tour around Paris and its landmarks.

All in all, this colourful film with unusual characters provided kids with visual beauty and extraordinary history lesson of France.

It also delivered a positive message, the notion of bravery and altruism triumphing over ill-willed actions, which connected with our students, while also enriching their language skills.

I would like to thank my colleagues Maria-Carmen Jimenez and Annie Koehne for their co-operation and support in this activity.

Ludmila Antal
Teacher of French