Year 10 Environment and Sustainability Excursion

On Wednesday 10 October, our Year 10 environmental class went on an excursion to Deakin University, where we learnt about the Environmental and Science programs that are offered there. We got to test out some of the things we've been learning about in the classroom by doing a variety of activities throughout the day, such as water testing, radio tracking, animal identification and navigating using a GPS.

After a short lunch, we got to have some fun, and made our own ice cream using liquid nitrogen, with oreos and plenty of toppings, followed by a short demonstration of the effects of liquid nitrogen on everyday objects and foods. Even after our ice cream, we stopped at maccas on the way back to school, the perfect way to end a really fun day!

Thanks so much to Miss Andrieux for taking us on this amazing day and being an all round legend!

Izzy Rake
Year 10 Student