2020 Distinguished Alumni Award for the Faculty of Education

Good afternoon to all Staff, Students and Parents,

I wanted to inform the McKinnon Community that Monash University has awarded Pitsa Binnion the 2020 Distinguished Alumni Award for the Faculty of Education.

This is an outstanding award and is well deserved recognition for Pitsa’s contribution to her professional field, her leadership and her ability to inspire both students and staff to reach their highest potential.

As parents and colleagues we have all experienced these traits first hand so on behalf of the School Council, McKinnon staff, parents and students I would like to congratulate Pitsa on this award and thank her for her inspirational leadership, her commitment to education and the contribution she has made to McKinnon Secondary College.

Congratulations Pitsa from all you have inspired from both past and present members of the McKinnon Secondary College community.

Alan Bullas
School Council President