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Queen’s Gambit accepted.

1.  d4 d5  
2.  c4 dxc4 .... 

A popular variation to one of the oldest openings in chess where Black accepts the challenge posed by White and willingly forfeit the control of the centre of the board in exchange for 1 pawn worth of materials. The ensuing battle that follows is as dramatic as the TV miniseries that shares the same name.

Every Thursday lunchtime in room A07 (and in the foyer of A-block), chess enthusiasts from all year levels, as well as several very keen staff members, have been playing out their own battle and creating their personal chess story.

The popularity of the McK Chess Club this year has been nothing short of extraordinary. By 15 minutes into the session, all available chess equipment would have been borrowed, and any late comers would be advised to be a spectator or “come earlier next week!”. 

Fortunately, the Chess Club is currently looking into creating more chess sets onsite by using the school’s state-of-the-art 3D printer. Hopefully by next term, we will be able to accommodate the high demand. Stay tuned!

Dr Lelekakis, Dr Law, Mr Stevenson
McK Chess Club

McK Chess Grand Prix 2021 

Over 50 students from all year levels have entered into this first event of the year organised by the McK Chess Club. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that we had to stop accepting entries a week earlier than the closing date!  Click here for the McK Grand Prix 2021 Poster.

The McK Chess Grand Prix is a multi-round fast chess tournament (running from March to May) that is exciting, inclusive and fun. It employs the Swiss-tournament system where no players are ever eliminated, and hence, there is a game for all participants in each round. Also, the time control of 5.5 minutes (per player) played with high-tech electronic chess clocks ensures a fast-pace experience in the true spirit of blitz chess.

At the time of writing, two rounds have been completed with several students sharing the lead in the McK Chess GP ladder. But it is still a long way to go before we can find out who is the ultimate blitz chess player of 2021. 

To see the latest news, results and photos, go to our official website here.

Sandy Law
McK Chess Club