Mck Chess Club

Interschool Chess Zonal Tournament at Balwyn HS

On June 23rd, the McKinnon chess squad consisting of Tim N, Aryan J, Jonathan K, Gregory W and Peter N, traveled to Balwyn High School to compete in the Chess Victoria Interschool Chess Zonal tournament. The competition has attracted some of the best chess schools in the state and there were over 100 students playing in the event. 

Tim  Aryan  Jonathan  Gregory  Peter

It was a long and grueling day where each participant must play a total of 7 games in the Swiss tournament format with a standard time control of 15 minutes per player. That’s equivalent to about 3.5 hours of non-stop focus and concentration! As debutants, the McKinnon team played professionally and beyond expectations, achieving a combined score of 21.5 points and ranked 5th overall out of 20 teams. In light of this wonderful result, the McKinnon chess team has qualified for the State Finals in October. 

The individual results of the McKinnon Team were as follows:

  • Tim N (5 pts, 10th place)

  • Peter N (5 pts, 20th place)

  • Jonathan K (4.5 pts, 27th place)

  • Aryan J (3.5 pts, 48th place)

  • Gregory W (3.5  pts, 52nd place)

Note: Individual total point is out of 7 and ranking is out of 106.

McK Chess Grand Prix (East Campus)

At the end of Term 2, the East Campus Division of the McK Chess Grand Prix tournament has finally concluded. After 6 weeks of fierce competition, Vibhan J (Year 8) took out the top prize with 13 GP points. This was closely followed by runner-up, Howie N (Year 9), and 3rd place, Alex D (Year 8). Congratulations!

The final top 6 players in this year’s McK Chess GP (East Campus) were:

  1. Vibhan J

  2. Howie N

  3. Alex D

  4. Khiem T

  5. Joe K

  6. Chloe C

Vibhan  Howie  Alex  Khiem  Joe  Chloe

The McK Chess Club would like to thank all participants at the East Campus who have made this event such a success.

McK Chess Championship 2022

The McK Chess Championship is the premier chess event run by the McK Chess Club and the top chess tournament at McKinnon Secondary College. Students can either qualify through the McK Chess Grand Prix or by playing in the preliminaries which were conducted in the last three weeks of Term 2. The 16 qualified players have just started competing in the 4-week championship event to determine the next McK Chess Champion! 

The list of the 16 qualified students (their McK ratings and player titles are in brackets):

  1. Tim N (Year 10) (1322, RK)

  2. Aryan J (Year 11) (1308, RK)

  3. Anthony D (Year 11) (1252, RK)

  4. Jonathan K (Year 10) (1193, BP)

  5. Alex N (Year 11) (1176, PN)

  6. Gregory W (Year 11) (1173, BP)

  7. Peter N (Year 11) (1134)

  8. Sam P (Year 12) (1125, PN)

  9. Alex D (Year 8) (1097)

  10. Zac S (Year 12) (1088)

  11. Steve L (Year 10) (1084)

  12. Howie N (Year 9) (1082)

  13. Luka D (Year 7) (1080)

  14. Aryan R (Year 7) (1047)

  15. Rowan S (Year 12) (1035)

  16. Eric J (Year 9) (1033)