Education Perfect Languages Championship

This year, McKinnon once again participated in the Education Perfect Languages Championship. With 2,532 schools participating worldwide, I am very proud to inform you that McKinnon took out second place. What an exceptional achievement!

We were 1st overall for schools in Victoria, 1st overall in Russian, 1st for French in Victoria and 1st for German in Victoria.

I would like to thank all students and staff who spent 2057 hours answering 1,439,751 questions during this week-long event. 

Special thanks to Mr Chamontin and the languages staff for their encouragement and support.

Michael Kan

Over at the East Campus, students headed down to 2.3 and 2.4 to earn points for McKinnon during the course of five days. The atmosphere was absolutely wondrous. Students were determined to beat Amaroo despite having little-to-no hope. We were driven by the motivation to continue to strive and beat them, tailing closely behind them. In the end, we reached 574,588 points, placing second in the world and first in Victoria. Overall, we had spent over 2,057 hours on these championships trying our absolute best! 

A huge congratulations to the nine students who achieved an Elite award and the eight students who achieved an Emerald award during the Education Perfect Language Championships. We commend your hard work and dedication in earning points strenuously for our school.

Along with this, a huge thank you to all our language teachers at McKinnon for making all of this possible. From the East Campus, a huge thank you especially goes to Madame Lynd, Madame Antal, Madame Howard, Senora Gomez and Herr Nutting for always helping students out and providing lollies. At the Main Campus, thanks go to Madame Reid, Madame Dickson, Monsieur Chamontin, Senor O’Brien, Frau Paal, Frau Fowler and Mademoiselle Mullane for helping supervise recess and lunch sessions in A Block. Another massive thank you to Monsieur Chamontin for organising the amazing launch party and for being our biggest cheerleader throughout all of the championships! We couldn’t have done it without all of you! 

To Justine P (Year 9), thank you for taking the time to make cookies specifically for the Education Perfect Championships at East. They were absolutely divine and everyone loved them.

We are so grateful for all the students and language teachers that attended the launch party, and the lunchtime sessions and just simply got points for our school. Thank you to all of you for making the 2023 Education Perfect Championship as magical as it was! 

Maleesha D & Mia M
Year 9 Students 

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