Year 10 ‘Informal’

This is such a great event and I know the students will always remember the fun of this event. Seeing the students (and staff) dancing and enjoying themselves was fantastic! Thank you to the Year 10 Student Managers Krishna Fleming, Kate Jobson, Alistair McCooke and Head of the Senior School Kellie Felmingham, for their organisation of the ‘informal’

I also thank the following staff who attended and the AV and tech support teams for making it all possible: Rebecca Johnson, Frank Russo, Delmar Zachest, Ashleigh Bell, Nick Gledhill, Phoebe Ponsford, Riley Price, Chris Pantelios, Rachel Walker, Caleb Goldwaser, Michael Birkett, Nicholas Xanthoudakis and Myles Kelemen.

Thank you also to the following students on the Informal Committee, who helped put together a very enjoyable event: Megan Bai,Shauna Enwright, Afroditi Ioannidou, Eric Jiang, Leon Koh, Johanna Kyri-Ovenden,Helios Li, Riana Mirkus, Katelyn Nguyen, Shauri Pedavalli and Amit Steinberg.

It’s events such as these that consolidate the cohort and deliver much needed celebration and fun. I look forward to celebrating again next year.

Mr Michael Kan

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