Cultural Diversity Week

As part of our multicultural and inclusive community, we have been celebrating Cultural Diversity week this week, which is devoted toward learning and understanding the arts, traditions and heritages of different parts of the world. 

Staff got involved and dressed up in traditional clothing from different cultures and there was a variety of different foods to try out for lunch. Students were able to set up food stalls like Mango Lassi, Falafels and Haman Teshan. Year 7 students enjoyed Greek dancing and the East Campus students participated in ‘Zorba Till You Drop’. 

An Origami workshop was hosted to practise this amazing Japanese artform and some of our school’s Spanish and Chinese singers sang traditional songs and did some fun karaoke. Bharatanatyam was performed by Year 7 and 8 dancers. 

One activity loved by so many students was the Henna hand painting. And lastly, self-defence professionals came over to teach Year 8 students some martial arts. 

This has been an incredible event that provided the opportunity to make new friendships and foster greater understanding and appreciation of different cultures. 

Thank you to all the staff involved and I would like to particularly acknowledge Rekha Nayyar for her dedication in putting together this incredible week of inclusive celebrations 

Michael Kan 

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