Year 12 Theatre Production

I was thrilled to attend the Year 12 Theatre Studies play on Friday night. The play, "The Conference of Birds” based on the poem by Farid ud-Din Attar and stage version by Peter Brook and Jean-Claude Carriere, is an old Persian story told from the modern-scientific perspective. Its captivating tale was creatively brought to life and had us leaving the theatre thinking about what we as humans can do differently to bring more spontaneity to our lives.

It was enthusiastically performed by the cast and expertly produced by our wonderful students. I congratulate them all on a mesmerising and engaging production. 

Congratulations to Ellie Adler, our Theatre Studies teacher who led and inspired our students to achieve such excellence and to Michael Birkett, Caleb Goldwaser and the entire AV and Media teams for ensuring it ran smoothly. I also acknowledge and thank local member Nick Staikos MP for coming to the performance and supporting our students. 

Michael Kan

Over the last 12 weeks the year 12 Theatre Studies class have been learning about the process of creating a full-scaled live performance. Each member of the class undertook 2 production roles from Acting, Directing, Costume, Makeup, Sound, Lighting or Set Design and then liaise and assisted each other where necessary; all working together towards the same end goal to present to an audience. Over Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th May, their performance of The Conference of the Birds was presented to 3 different audiences.

Thank you to the AV and Media teams for all their support in assisting the show's successful run, and to our Principal team for all their well wishes and constant support.

This show was a wonderful celebration of hard work, passion and dedication from all involved.

Ms Ellie Adler
Theatre Studies Teacher

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