Legal studies guest speaker

Ever wanted to meet the Attorney General, or your local Member of Parliament? Well, fortunately for McKinnon VCE legal studies’ students, the privilege was given to them on Friday 17th of April, when the Victorian Attorney General, the Honourable Martin Pakula and Nick Staikos, the state member for Bentleigh visited our school.

Both men offered their time to the students and teachers to ask questions relating to the legal and political field; allowing Mr Buntman’s memorable and controversial question for Nick Staikos to be addressed.

This opportunity allowed students to enhance their knowledge on the representatives that affect the way our society runs and how it is managed.

We gained understanding of the daily life as Attorney General, ways to get into the legal system and what Mr Staikos plans to put in place for our community. This incursion has benefited legal studies’ students as we can better understand, due to first hand experience of Staikos and Pakula and their knowledge, on the first topic learnt earlier in the year - Parliament as a law-maker.

We thank Ms Arena for organising both Mr Pakula and Mr Staikos to come and speak at McKinnon allowing VCE students to interact with these reputable figures of parliament; it was a great experience!

Rachel Caruana and Jade Saad - year 12 legal studies students.

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