Little Shop Of Horrors Musical

Late last year in 2014 we held auditions for our musical production Little Shop of Horrors, after 4 grueling weeks of intensive auditions and some incredibly hard decisions we had our cast ranging in year levels from 8-12.

We embarked on our twice weekly rehearsals Week 1 of Term 1 and worked tirelessly to get as much as done as possible in this short term, of course along the way much fun was had by all and tight bonds were forming among our talented cast.

The lead cast had several holiday rehearsals but the rest of the cast got to have a well-earned break.

Upon returning to Term 2 we went on our first ever Musical production camp, which proved to be highly productive, highly amusing and highly conducive to further cast-bonding. We continued out twice weekly rehearsals and continued to work exceptionally hard on choreography, dialogue and of course harmonies-of the singing variety.

The show was coming along beautifully with all cast members giving their all and utmost to ensure this show would be an absolute and utter knock-out. We then commenced Sunday rehearsals to further polish, refine and perfect our production of Little Shop of Horrors.
After many hours of rehearsing, set painting, costume making, and hunting down of flowers production week was upon us. We were ready and excited to show our amazing and unique version of this show to the world.

We performed to several local primary schools on Tuesday June 9th. And then officially opened on Wednesday the an appreciative and engaged audience.  Our show ran from the Wednesday to the Saturday with every show then becoming sold-out, apart from the matinee though the show and the performers never dropped the high standard that had been set.

The closing night of the show was totally electric with the audience giving a standing ovation at the end of the performance, many tears were shed and a sense of disbelief that it had all come to an end.
On behalf of the entire production team I would like to thank each and every cast member, and all involved behind the scenes (we could not do this without you) for your passion, dedication, enthusiasm and talent. What an incredible show we put on, you should all be very proud of yourselves, we all certainly are and will never forget this exhilarating experience, or any of you. Many heartfelt thanks and a massive congratulations.

Ms. Carly Doctor

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