Project Rockit

On the 21st of June the company Project Rockit came to Mckinnon Secondary College to talk about bullying. They did this in quite a unique way.

They showed the year 7s sheepishly gathered before them how a person’s desire for chocolate is the same as their desire to stand up to bullying. They proved that if it takes a little effort to get that bar of chocolate then we won’t do it. Sadly, it can be the same reaction to confronting bullying. We won’t do it if it requires effort ... even a tiny amount.

Three people were chosen to compete for the chocolate, by describing a chosen object for as long as possible with a British accent. It is as ridiculous as it sounds, but they did it for laughs. The winner was awarded the bar of chocolate … and then we got serious.

We began talking about bullying and how peer pressure can affect the situation. We explored the reality that if the bully is laughed with, the bully will be encouraged and the victim will be left feeling awful. We also discussed the fact that the bully will probably feel guilty about it in five years time. Unfortunately at this point it is too late to change their past behaviour.

We were shown that when the peer pressure reaction is reversed, and the bully is scolded and the victim is supported, then the bully will be left feeling guilty in that instant.

Their presentation was great overall. Their ideas were complex but they presented it in a way that was easy to understand and comprehend.

So stand up for bullying and make a change!

Eli Fischman

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