Intermediate Round Robin

On Monday 8 May Kingston Division held its Intermediate Round Robin. 

Well done to all the teams who participated on the day and the winners who go on to a Preliminary Final in Term 3.

Thanks to all the coaches who have given up their time to train and coach the teams. 

Badminton: (HOS) at Springers:  Boys A Team - Runners Up, Boys B team - Runners Up, Girls A Team - Runners Up & Girls B Team - Runners Up.

Table Tennis: (WEI/BRN) at Dandenong Table Tennis: Intermediate Boys - Kingston Champions, Intermediate Girls - Kingston Champions, Senior Boys - Kingston Champions & Senior Girls - Kingston Champions.

Boys Soccer: (SHM) at Dendy Park: Kingston Champions

Girls Soccer: (OBP) at Dendy Park: Runners Up

Boys Football: (HEM/FOO) at McKinnon Reserve: Kingston Champions

Girls Netball: (AND/Liam Adlington) at Dales Park:  A Team - Kingston Champions & B Team - Runners Up.

James Bridges
Head of Senior Sport

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