Year 12 Geography Field Trip

On a chilly morning, the Year 12 Geography students headed up to Yarra Valley for our only field trip of the year. Our main purpose of the visit (aside from tasting chocolates!) was to investigate the change of land use and its impact on Yarra Glen - a region traditionally dominated by agricultural industry, and slowly transforming to a popular tourist destination.

We first arrived at the Yarra Valley Chocolate and Ice Creamery, which is beautifully surrounded by Dandenong and Yarra Ranges. After enjoying some truly delicious and unique flavours of chocolate, students were given a talk about the history of the business, regarding the steps and challenges of change in land use, and the whole process of transforming farmland to a popular tourist destination. Some of us were amazed by the development and explanation of the business. We also walked around the factory to investigate the work done by the factory to minimise negative environmental impacts.

We then went back to the Yarra Glen township where we interviewed some local people.

Our survey provided some more diverse opinion of changing land in the region. By analysing the data we collected, we could understand the impact of land use change on local people, local environment and local economy. We also visited Christmas Hills of the Yarra Ranges where we had a view of the scenic Yarra Valley, its beautiful landscape and recorded Yarra Valley’s different land uses.

Other highlights include Yarra Glen’s fantastic playground, where we spent such a good time swinging, climbing ropes, leaving many laughs on dizzy spinners.

It is indeed a wonderful journey, and many thanks to our excellent teachers Mr Blackmore and Ms Mauger for organising this trip (and helping me skipping EAL and double Specialist!). Personally, I highly recommend that all students choose Geography as a subject, as you are guaranteed to have more fun than any other subject!

Yonghan Wang
Year 12 Student

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