Important Enrolment Information

Year 7 Application

Important Information: Applications due by 29 May 2020

Please note that due to COVID-19 the Department of Education has revised a number of important dates:
As part of revised timeline, the date that parents/carers are required to return their Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 form is Friday 29 May 2020 (previously Wednesday 15 May).
Primary schools will notify families of their child’s Year 7 placement offer on Wednesday 19 August 2020 (previously Wednesday 5 August).
The adjusted timeline still includes the statewide placement appeals process. The revised dates are now as follows:
·         Monday 31 August (previously 17 Aug) - Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written appeal with their preferred secondary school.
·         Friday 11 September (previously 28 Aug) - Secondary schools provide parents/carers with written notification of appeal outcome.
·         Friday 25 September (previously 11 Sept) - Closing date for parents/carers to lodge a written appeal with relevant Regional Director (RD).
·         Friday 30 October (unchanged) - Regions notify parents/carers of outcome of RD appeal.
There are currently no plans to alter the date of the statewide Orientation Day. This event remains scheduled for Tuesday 8 December 2020.

Thank you for your interest in applying for a place at McKinnon S

Our College's pink expression of interest form must be completed by ALL students applying to McKinnon Secondary College. All Year 7 applicants to McKinnon SC must submit the pink form with the precise evidence attached, to the McKinnon SC General Office by Friday 29 May.

Please access our complete Enrolment Application Folder HERE containing our Pink Expression of Interest Form and all other relevant information for entry into Year 7 in 2021.
Print off Pink Form - Applications now overdue
Please print off the Pink Form, follow instructions on the form and bring to our office with ALL proof of residency, Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 3.30pm. Please put your complete application in an envelope labelled with your child’s name and leave in the box at the office door. Your application will be processed over the following week and you will be contacted if further information is required or needs further verification.

Please note, students not living in zone will not be allocated a place. A delay of moving in zone may mean that you miss out on preferences, as other applicants will be ahead of you and express their preferences earlier. Also, your child may miss sitting for the ELMS test on September 12th, if you are interested in this opportunity.

If you need further information, please contact the Year 7 Transition team using the following email address:

Victorian Government primary school Information:
If you attend a Victorian Government primary school, you must ALSO complete the white Year 7 placement 2021 form issued by them. Return this form to your primary school by Friday 29th May.

Independent/Private/Catholic etc primary school Information:
This year for the first time, independent primary school parents can download the white Year 7 placement 2021 form from our website HERE. Return this form to McKinnon Secondary College via email to by Friday 29th May.

Out of state applications
Please note that you can not apply until you can prove you live in zone.