House Music Festival 2021

The House Music Festival took place periods 5 & 6 on Wednesday 17 March in the School Hall in front of all the Year 7 students, and was recorded and released to participants, friends and family in the evening. 

This has been the major focus of the students throughout this term, with rehearsals taking place before school, after school and during lunchtime every day since the beginning of February. The level of support for the students was amazing, as was the standard. 

Thank you to our judge Mr Matthew Little for his amazing and enthusiastic support of the students and their work.

A huge thank you to Ms Katarina Vrisk for her fantastic organisation of this event, who with the support of Mrs Theresa Ford, created an extraordinary show. Thank you to Mr Nick Xanthoudakis and his fantastic team who coordinated the Audio Visual and filming of the event. 

Congratulations to all the House Captains for their amazing work throughout the term and through the show. Whilst there could only be one winner, we are incredibly impressed with the standard that was brought to the show. 

Congratulations to Chisholm for their incredible win for 2021.

Megan Papworth
Head of Performing Arts

A note from the Principal

What can I say! Congratulations to all the students involved in the House Music competition on Wednesday 17 March. The musical talent never ceases to amaze me.

As I said at the event, it is the only totally student lead activity and it is a highlight in our calendar. It was indeed great to see students from Year 7 to Year 12 working together enjoying wonderful relationships and showcasing their exceptional talent.

The Music House Captains were inspiring and the atmosphere electric. Thank you Ms Vrisk and Mrs Ford for their organization of this wonderful annual event.

May the music banner of McKinnon continue to fly high.

The above events are really ‘food for the soul’. To see students participating in these activities is in fact joyful. Congratulations to all involved.

Pitsa Binnion

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