McKinnon is a WORLD CHAMPION in Language Learning!

Congratulations to our students at McKinnon Secondary College for winning the Education Perfect Global Languages Championships 2021

For seven days, our students competed relentlessly on an international stage against 1,894 schools around the world. The competition was fierce but our students prevailed by steadily answering questions while developing their proficiency in 15 different languages. We are extremely proud of our students - allez McKinnon!

Special mention goes out to Luka Magee (fourth in the world, second in French in the world), Alma Segev (first in Hebrew in the world) and Antonia Darmos (second in Greek in the world).

This year we answered over 1,000,000 questions which is unbelievable!


☰1st overall globally (out of 1,894 schools)
☰1st overall in Australia (out of 1,231 schools)
☰1st overall in VIC (out of 304 schools)
☰1st overall in the 1001-2500 students category (out of 133 schools)
☰1st in Australia for the 1001-2500 students category (out of 92 schools)
☰5th overall in French (out of 1,383 schools)
☰4th overall in German (out of 1,082 schools)
☰2nd overall in Greek (out of 648 schools)
☰1st in VIC for the 1001-2500 students category (out of 30 schools)
☰3rd overall in Russian (out of 790 schools)  
☰13th overall in Japanese (out of 1,315 schools)
☰5th for French in Australia (out of 897 school)
☰1st for French in the 1001-2500 students category (out of 126 schools)
☰4th overall in Latin (out of 785 schools)
☰1st for Japanese in VIC (out of 225 schools)
☰10th overall in Spanish (out of 1,205 schools)
☰4th for German in Australia (out of 732 schools)
☰1st for German in VIC (out of 187 schools)
☰1st for German in the 1001-2500 students category (out of 122 schools)
☰6th overall in Malay (out of 453 schools)

An epic battle for the top spot unfolded before our eyes on Wednesday between Amaroo School and McKinnon Secondary College. Twice we were cast down to the second spot for a few hours before reconquering the throne. Then on Friday a new challenger, Cashmere High School in Christchurch, was hot on our heels for the top spot! One thing is for sure they did not give up. Nor did we!    

Thank you to all students who participated, we are very proud of all of you and be sure that your efforts will be rewarded.

Thank you to the marvellous Languages teachers: Cedric Chamontin, Maria-Carmen Jimenez, Annette Reid, Jenny Lynd, Kellie Dickson, Ludmila Antal, David Nutting, Andrea Fowler and Karin Paal. Their dedication was second to none during the EP championships and victory would not have been possible without them. 

Thank you to all teachers who gave a little bit or a lot of their class time to the EP Championships. It made a world a difference! Finally, thank you to the Principal team who showed constant support for this endeavour.
Congratulations to everyone involved!

Merci encore!

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