Year 7 Camp 2021 at Phillip Island Adventure Resort

On Monday the 22nd of March, group 1 left for Year 7 camp. It felt like forever and a day to finally arrive but it was definitely worth the wait!

This camp was a great opportunity for students to try new things, have fun and more importantly, build new friendships! Even though many students were concerned about the cabin and activity groups, many of them were able to make new friends outside of their friendship groups. Overall, we spent 3 days and 2 nights at the Phillip Island Adventure Resort.

We got to participate in a wide variety of  fun activities such as canoeing, flying fox, high ropes, raft making, swimming, giant swing and more! There were many challenging activities such as the giant swing and high ropes. With some encouragement from teachers and staff, those who were brave enough gave it a go, and ended up loving it. Although the weather wasn’t the best, many students and teachers showed a lot of perseverance and most people got over it with a positive attitude!

Before we knew it, our time to leave the camp had come and everyone was forced to say their goodbyes. This camp was truly a memorable one and a great way for Year 7s to end their first term at McKinnon Secondary College.

A special thank you to all of the amazing teachers and staff for organizing this extraordinary camp. It was honestly an unforgettable experience and was undoubtedly one of the best camps that I have ever been to.

Written by: Cheryl N 7P 

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