McKinnon Swimming Sports 2022

The McKinnon Swimming Sports were held at GESAC recently with over 100 very dedicated swimmers attending. The participation, sportsmanship and camaraderie among all of our swimmers was outstanding and made it a very successful day!

We wondered if a new Year 7 star would emerge and it appears that we have found our man in Harvey Venturini who won every event on offer.

Many other swimmers shone on the day and that leads us to our age group champions:

Year 7 Girls - Matilda Kelleher & Tessa Macfarlane
Year 7 Boys - Harvey Venturini
Year 8 Girls - Daniela Tapia Leal
Year 8 Boys - Leo Park
Year 9 Girls - Siena Nott
Year 9 Boys - Igor Pasichnyuk
Year 10 Girls - Lani Hammam
Year 10 Boys - Zach Gordon
Year 11 Girls - Olivia Colletta
Year 11 Boys - William Barton
Year 12 Girls - Monique Andjelic
Year 12 Boys - Saksham Singh

Age Group Champions at General Assembly

This brings us to the first House Event for the year! The McKinnon Swimming Cup which was won in 2022 by Chisholm!

  • In 4th place on 776 points = Gilmore
  • In 3rd place on 798 points = Monash
  • In 2nd place on 973 points - Flynn

Which leaves us with Chisholm taking out the swimming sports with a whopping 1331 points.

Chisholm House Captains

Greg Hoskin
Swimming Sports Co-ordinator

Check out our photo gallery: