Year 11 Formal 2023

On Thursday 2nd March, McKinnon Secondary College celebrated its Year 11 Formal. This incredible night was held at Merrimu Receptions and was a highlight of the year so far for all who attended.

Congratulations to all who were involved in this memorable night. A special thanks goes out to the Year 11 student leaders and teachers, for your hard work and dedication in organising this incredible event.

Below are some student testimonials about the Year 11 Formal 2023: 

The Year 11 Formal was a night to remember for all of us. We got there around 6:20 and started by simply taking photos together outside, eagerly waiting to get into the venue. Once we were in, there was no stopping us. Personally, I don’t think I even left the dance floor for longer than 5 mins all night. The night was spent lost to the sound of the amazing DJ, without him the night wouldn’t have been the same. The venue itself was spectacular too and there was nothing that wasn’t memorable all night. We seem to have made memories that will last a lifetime and every time we remember it our faces will light up with a smile.

A big thank you to the student management team and Felms for all their efforts in giving us this formal. We could not be more grateful.

Ananya J

A night no one could forget. The year 11 formal was amazing, seeing everyone dressed up and taking photos together and with the teachers who joined us on this night. Some friends and I met up just before the formal so we could go in together. As the music was played by an awesome DJ, we had delicious finger food and soft drinks. We got some wonderful photos of the teachers wearing these awesome sunglasses we made with formal 2023 written on them. I didn’t want to get off the dance floor no matter how sore my feet were at the end of the night. Once again thank you to the student managers and all the teachers who came.

Definitely a night I wouldn’t forget :)

Keeva M

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