A Special Science Week Visit

On Tuesday 14th August, McKinnon Secondary College played host to three former pupils who gave up their time to come back to school to mentor our Year 10 Biology students.

The visitors were Professor Gab Kovacs (Member of the Order of Australia) who graduated from McKinnon in 1965 and was one of the pioneers in the development and success of IVF; Professor Jim Bishop (Order of Australia), who graduated in 1966 and was the founding Executive Director and Chair of the Cancer Research Advisory Committee of the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre; and Dr Lev Kats who graduated in 1996 and is group leader in the Cancer Therapeutics Program at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The students were from the Year 10 Biology Elective called 'Cure Me'. This is a new subject at McKinnon SC  and aims to educate students in contemporary cell theory, diseases and genetics.

Gab, Jim and Lev were the perfect mentors for the afternoon.

While the students completed a number of tasks related to cell theory and experimentation, our alumni moved around and engaged with the students, discussing cell structure and abnormalities.  At the end of the afternoon session the students had an opportunity to find out more about the pathways taken by these esteemed scientists. Their journeys have been (and are) rich and fulfilling and were a wonderful example to our students of what can be achieved with determination and passion.

We thank them for their time, their expertise and their generosity of spirit.

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