McKinnon Secondary College on the News

McKinnon Secondary College featured on several news stories this week to discuss the current lockdown in Melbourne. 

Monday 31st May - Channel 10 News

McKinnon teacher Peter Quinn and Nikola Tomic of Year 12 were on Channel 10 News tonight to discuss round 4 of remote learning. 

Wednesday 2nd June - Channel 9 News 

Our School Captain Stephan was on Channel 9 News on Wednesday night to discuss the lockdown and school closures. Today we welcome back our Year 11 and 12 students, while online learning continues for year 7 to 10 classes until Friday 11th June.

Friday 4th June - Channel 9 News, Channel 10 News, Channel 7 News

On Friday night McKinnon Secondary College was featured on Channel 9 News, Channel 10 News and Channel 7 News to mark the return of Year 11 & 12 students to the classroom.

Thanks to all of our students, teachers and parents for your efforts! Stay strong, warm and safe.